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Partnering With Parrish 

Parrish listens to each client’s needs and vision. As your partner every step of the way, we put the best interest of all stakeholders at the forefront to develop a strategic plan that will achieve your goals within budget.

Mechanical Systems Experts

Whether your project is new construction or a renovation, your mechanical systems are the heart of your facility. We go out of our way to hire leading constructors who bring the specialty knowledge necessary to evaluate your project’s needs and provide sustainable solutions that fit your budget and provide long-term economic savings.

Reynolds Operations Center

Flint Energies called upon Parrish when they decided to upgrade and renovate their facilities in Reynolds. Construction for the new Flint Regional Operations Center (ROC) consisted of the renovation of an existing structure along with the construction of three additional facilities to house the power company’s regional operations. The new ROC facilities totaling 35,000 SF were all completed within 10 months. The administrative building features include: offices, records room, training room, conference rooms, storage rooms. The second structure houses Utility Truck Parking and consists of 22,000 SF of covered parking area, truck wash bay and storage rooms. The third building houses offices, tool room, IT room, garage area with overhead crane that spans the entire length of the building, a paint booth with paint mixing room and underground exhaust system, car lifts, a water/air/oil distribution system throughout the garage, and vehicle fumes ventilation system. Finally, the Warehouse has offices, tool room, storage rooms and a covered shed the length and the width of the building with loading docks and dock levelers.

“Flint’s vision and goals for the campus have been translated into reality…through the intensive, collaborative and exceptional design, construction and completion work of Parrish…which, I might add, was accomplished on schedule and below budget.”

Robert Ray, Jr. President/CEO flint energies

Transforming Visions Into Reality

By utilizing our years of experience and expertise, our industrial team helps transform visions into reality, ensuring that your facility will support your operations. From the front doors to the loading docks, our team strives to maximize the productive space and efficiency for your facility.

Flint Energies Headquarters

The new Flint headquarters is a 44,500 sf building on a 101,200 sf site located in Reynolds, GA. This project was built in two phases to accommodate daily operations of the existing headquarters located on the same site.

“Today, nearly eight months after the official ribbon-cutting of Flint’s Corporate Headquarters, I am still in amazement as to how Parrish Construction Group’s leadership… and coordination… and attention to detail… and access to resources, all came together to almost flawlessly deliver the Headquarters on-time and under budget. Despite underground caverns, frequent rain, and material challenges, you met Flint’s goals in superb fashion.”

Robert Ray, Jr., President/CEO, Flint Energies

Self-Perform Services

We have the capability of self-performing both masonry and concrete and plan to do so on this project. Past projects have proven repeatedly that self-performance of these trades will net significant savings to the owner, allowing that savings to be spent on additional classroom space where it is needed most. Additionally, doing so enhances our control over the project schedule and speed, further securing the successful completion of the project on time.

Diverse Experience

When it comes to planning for the future, the Parrish team brings the knowledge, expertise, and processes to bring your goals to fruition through a variety of delivery methods.

The Parrish Way

At Parrish, we believe that quality is the product of pride in workmanship. Whatever the project, we can assure you that your facility will be completed on time, in budget, and in a high-quality fashion.