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Bringing Schools Back To Life

Since 1976, Howard Middle School has sat vacant and awaited its chance to once again impact the lives of middle school students. The renovation of the David T. Howard building offers the opportunity to repurpose this building into a state-of-the-art educational facility.

Providing Educational Opportunities

Over the course of the renovation, Parrish will also provide work-based learning opportunities for students interested in architecture, engineering, and construction management.

Value Engineering Expertise

Our seasoned K-12 preconstruction team will seek ways to provide value option alternates for materials and services that may improve schedule as well as provide potential cost savings. Due to its massive size, the new Valdosta High School campus project was wrought with both budgetary and scheduling challenges. By replacing the originally designed curtain wall with the innovative Kalwall pre-engineered panel system, the team was able to decrease cost and improve schedule due to ease of installation.

Maximizing Local Participation

At the height of construction, the Valdosta High School jobsite averaged 400 laborers and tradesmen working synergistically daily.

Kallwal Panel System

In addition to providing considerable cost savings and schedule acceleration, the Kalwall panels also provide museum-quality daylighting™ with superior thermal qualities.

Always Keeping an Eye on Budget and Schedule

Veterans High was the first new high school to open in Houston County in more than 18 years. It was completed 4 months ahead of schedule and over a half million dollars under budget. It occupies 86 acres of its 150-acre site. This two-story, 300,000 square foot facility contains 82 instructional units, gymnasium, cafeteria, library, and auditorium.

The New Veterans High School

“Parrish went the extra mile to ensure proper installation and operation of all systems. The ethics and integrity represented by all members of the Parrish Construction Group are in a league of their own.”

Jason Daniel    Former Facilities Director, Houston County Schools

State-of-the-art Auditorium

The new Veterans High auditorium has ample seating to accommodate 1,600 students.

E Rivers Elementary School

Atlanta Public Schools called upon Parrish Construction Group to replace one of the oldest schools in the city with construction of the new 3-story, 112,000 SF E. Rivers Elementary School in the heart of Buckhead. Logistics were a challenge, with a tight site on the corner of a major intersection and no room for laydown. Through careful planning and creative scheduling, the Parrish Team seamlessly worked within the site’s constraints. Parrish went the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, including careful coordination with the neighborhood, meticulous tree protection, historic artifact preservation and the addition of internal sustainability goals.

E Rivers Elementary School

“This two-year undertaking was one of the largest, most expensive, and most logistically complicated projects taken on by the city and a great deal of the success of the project can be attributed to Parrish and their team.”

Brett T. Norton    Collins Cooper Carusi Architects

Liberty County College and Career Academy

When Liberty College & Career Academy was built in 2012, it was the first career academy of its kind for the Liberty County School System.  Serving as a satellite campus for the county’s two high schools,  students joint-enroll in their high school and the career academy, providing them the opportunity to study the following career paths: engineering technology, metals, construction, broadcast and video production, information technology, healthcare sciences, and/or culinary arts.

“Working with Parrish has been a pleasure and they have gone above and beyond to deliver a project of the highest quality while bringing value to every step of the construction management process.”

Cheryl Conely   Former Deputy Superintendent, Liberty County Schools

Utilizing Creativity In Construction

This 200,000 square foot multi-story replacement high school required demolition and construction to be performed in phases to accommodate existing students on campus. Included in this high school are a gymnasium, auditorium, and multiple athletic facilities. This project utilized fast track methods and involved six different subcontractor bidding phases. In some instances, such as the structure, bids were solicited without complete documents. In these circumstances, Parrish had to be creative and request bids for material unit prices. The project finished on time and under budget with a satisfied owner.

“Once again Parrish Construction Group has performed beyond our expectations. Your construction team came onto the project with enthusiasm and an attitude to please. Their coordination with the architect, engineers and the many facets of Bibb County schools team was extraordinary.” 

Brenda Stokes    Director of Construction, Bibb County Schools

Building Schools to Advance Workforce Skills

The new Morgan County High School is a two story, 156,889 square foot project that was built directly behind the existing school. Over the course of 16 months, Parrish completed the state-of-the-art school, allowing the owner to move in during their fall break. This unique facility includes a College and Career Academy, giving students access to specific training that will aid in preparation for college and their future careers. With this facility, students will have the ability to graduate from high school with an associate degree and advanced skills needed for the workforce. Once the new high school was completed, the current high school was demolished and removed, making way for the erecting of the new Morgan County Middle School. The future middle school will be a 112,545 square foot facility. 

The College & Career Academy includes a variety of labs dedicated to educating students in different areas of the workforce. The modern and innovative facility includes a Biology lab, an Agriculture lab, Mechanical Lab, Engineering lab, Healthcare lab, and a Cosmetology lab. 

Transportation and Maintenance Facilities

Morgan County is in the city of Madison which is just off Interstate 20 between Atlanta and Augusta. Morgan County Charter School system has experienced an upturn in growth and needed a Transportation Facility that could keep up with that demand. The Morgan County Transportation Facility is a state of the art maintenance and housing facility for the Charter School System & County Public Works Transportation Fleet. This facility serves as a prime example for future transportation facilities to follow. The facility is 19,000 square feet that sits over 18 acres of property.

Front Façade and Canopy Renovation

This complete renovation of Houston County High School was the first major renovation to the school since it was first built in 1989. The 262,829 square foot renovation included reconstructing and replacing the entire front canopy. The original canopy had several 20 foot pillars, each of which were supported by only a 12 inch footing, making them incredibly unstable and ultimately posing a huge safety hazard. This project included additions, a full reroof of the school, interior paint, flooring, canopies, and full MEP upgrades. All phases of this project are being completed on a fully active campus. Construction deemed disruptive to school activities was scheduled to be performed over summer months.

Taking Learning to New Heights

Columbus State University was in need of major updates to LeNoir Hall to support the increased enrollment in STEM disciplines and address the need for best-in-class science spaces supporting a donor-funded Pre-Med program.  The LeNoir Hall Academic Core Renovation and Addition project included renovating the existing laboratory space in LeNoir Hall, totaling approximately 33,500 square feet, and constructing an addition, as cited in the Sasaki Master Plan, of 26,400 square feet.  Completion of this project has allowed Columbus State University to offer state-of-the-art science learning environments necessary to meet accreditation standards in the scientific fields.

Colorful Spaces

Strategic use of color, shapes and textures create exciting and inviting learning spaces while inspiring students on their journey.

Innovative Materials

Designed to nurture collaborative studying and forward thinking, many of the study spaces and laboratories have writable surfaces.

State-of-the-art Laboratory Environments

In efforts to provide the most competitive learning environments, specialized learning labs that meet today’s occupational needs are in constant demand. The Parrish team has the diverse experience and knowledge needed to create the space you desire within budget and in time for the beginning of your designated semester.

Construction Experience You Can Trust

The unique building envelope commissioning requirements of the CGTC Health Sciences Building forced us away from traditional construction methods for the exterior skin.  The requirements, according to the testing agency, was that the building skin had to be tested prior to the installation of exterior finishes.  This meant we had to build the structure, frame and sheath, install air barrier, install storefront and curtain wall, then test the envelope.  Installation of stone, brick and exterior panels could not begin until this testing was performed and approved.  All of this testing had to be performed within the air barrier manufacturers’ stated exposure limitations.

Helping Communities Prepare For The Unexpected

In the event of a community emergency, the CGTC Health Sciences Building is also designed to serve as a temporary medical facility. Parrish is proud to have been apart of bringing such an amazing learning facility for both Central Georgia Technical College and the Technical College System of Georgia.

“Parrish Construction Group captured the comprehensive needs of the University and library staff and presented construction techniques and value engineering concepts that satisfied all the involved parties, including our president, deans and the facility users.”

Mike Conley   Executive Director AEC Project Services, University of West Georgia

Modernizing Existing Facilities for Today’s Needs

This 52,000 square foot renovation of the 1950’s era building included the basement level, first floor, and a portion of the second and third floors. Work included the complete gutting of specified areas with installation of all new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection services along with updated technology. Modernization of the building included all new finishes throughout, and the addition of a Starbucks retail outlet. Exterior work included updated landscaping in the courtyards surrounding the building, as well as an outdoor roof terrace above the main entrance for student gathering. The high-tech, integrated environment combines the library’s historic reference and information services with electronic connectivity, and serves as a gathering place for students, facilitating individual and group learning. The facility remained operational and functional throughout the duration of the project.

Our Project Team is Certified in Healthcare Construction Practices

Performing construction projects adjacent to and within active healthcare environments is critical. As part of our commitment to our healthcare clients, we require all members of our healthcare project management team to be certified in healthcare construction practices and participate in continuing education classes annually.

Healthcare Renovations and Improvements

This interior hospital renovation included the conversion of labor and delivery space into a new operating room suite, endoscopy procedure rooms, recovery rooms and ancillary space. The HVAC systems were also replaced to meet the spaces new requirements.

Parrish completed the project in two phases so the hospital could stay operational throughout construction and indoor air quality standards were strictly maintained in order to meet Healthcare standards.

Complex Planning for Phased Active Hospital Renovation

Phase I of this hospital project was a complete renovation of an existing facility to build out a new 4,440 SF Medical Clinic and a 2,810 SF Ambulatory Surgery Center. These spaces were separated to meet the State guidelines including a full fire wall and separated mechanical systems.

Complex Planning for Phased Active Hospital Renovation

Phase II included renovations of adjacent spaces to expand both the clinic and Ambulatory Service Center lobbies, adding another 982 sf as well as a covered canopy system to protect patients from the elements.

Connecting Design with Nature

Studies have shown the connection to nature is another key component to creating a healing environment. The maximum utilization of natural light among patient and family areas is key. Natural light, views of nature, natural materials and connectivity to the community in the interior provide a calm and soothing atmosphere to help restore the mind and body.

Leading Healthcare Constructors Dedicated to Georgia’s Rural Health

“Since beginning the first phase of construction on the Houston Medical Pavilion in 2013, I have developed a close working relationship with Jeremy Bennett, Senior Project Manager with Parrish Construction Group. Over the past few years, he has become an instrumental resource for both our architects and engineers in developing our ongoing scope of work and schematic designs  for all phases. His strong communication skills and ability to be forward-thinking has allowed us to be more efficient and stay within our timelines and budgets. Jeremy has truly been a key player in the decision-making and construction management process.”

JIM SEGUIN, Director of Engineering, Houston Medical Center

Your Collaborative Design-Build Partner

“Along the road of any project, opportunities and challenges arise that test the innovation and creativity of the project team.  Parrish always comes to the table with a solution or suggestion that showcases their expertise and attention to quality craftsmanship.  This open and honest approach has built a reputation within the design community not held by many Contractors.  Without hesitation, I trust Parrish.

It is without regard that I give Parrish Construction Group the highest recommendation and look forward to the many opportunities to work together in the future.”

Joshua D. Crews, AIA, EDAC,   Team Leader  |  Architect, NELSON

Using Color to Influence the Experience

Strategic use of color, shapes and textures create soothing and positive environments for both patients and staff.

Value Engineering Expertise

Our seasoned healthcare preconstruction team will provide value option alternates for materials and services that may improve schedule as well as provide potential cost savings.

Serving as the heartbeat of healthcare within a rural South Georgia community, the Jeff Davis Hospital was an aging facility in need of many modern upgrades and additional of space to serve the growing needs of the community. The Parrish Healthcare Design-Build Team listened intently to the owner and used their value engineering expertise to provide solutions that were economical to construct and easy to maintain long-term.

Mechanical Systems Experts

Whether your project is new construction or a renovation, your mechanical systems are the heart of your facility. Therefore, we go out of our way to hire leading specialty contractors. The experience and knowledge these contractors bring is vital in evaluating your project’s needs and being able to provide sustainable solutions that fit your budget and provide long-term economic savings.

State-of-the-Art Emergency Care Environments

The Parrish team has the diverse experience and knowledge needed to modernize aging healthcare facilities and create the space you desire within budget.

Always Keeping the Client’s Best Interest at Heart

Each specialized facility has independent needs and requirements. Our team understands those special needs and becomes a partner with the owner to help them realize the most benefit from their budget.

Partnering With Parrish 

Parrish listens to each client’s needs and vision. As your partner every step of the way, we put the best interest of all stakeholders at the forefront to develop a strategic plan that will achieve your goals within budget.

Mechanical Systems Experts

Whether your project is new construction or a renovation, your mechanical systems are the heart of your facility. We go out of our way to hire leading constructors who bring the specialty knowledge necessary to evaluate your project’s needs and provide sustainable solutions that fit your budget and provide long-term economic savings.

Reynolds Operations Center

Flint Energies called upon Parrish when they decided to upgrade and renovate their facilities in Reynolds. Construction for the new Flint Regional Operations Center (ROC) consisted of the renovation of an existing structure along with the construction of three additional facilities to house the power company’s regional operations. The new ROC facilities totaling 35,000 SF were all completed within 10 months. The administrative building features include: offices, records room, training room, conference rooms, storage rooms. The second structure houses Utility Truck Parking and consists of 22,000 SF of covered parking area, truck wash bay and storage rooms. The third building houses offices, tool room, IT room, garage area with overhead crane that spans the entire length of the building, a paint booth with paint mixing room and underground exhaust system, car lifts, a water/air/oil distribution system throughout the garage, and vehicle fumes ventilation system. Finally, the Warehouse has offices, tool room, storage rooms and a covered shed the length and the width of the building with loading docks and dock levelers.

“Flint’s vision and goals for the campus have been translated into reality…through the intensive, collaborative and exceptional design, construction and completion work of Parrish…which, I might add, was accomplished on schedule and below budget.”

Robert Ray, Jr. President/CEO flint energies

Transforming Visions Into Reality

By utilizing our years of experience and expertise, our industrial team helps transform visions into reality, ensuring that your facility will support your operations. From the front doors to the loading docks, our team strives to maximize the productive space and efficiency for your facility.

Flint Energies Headquarters

The new Flint headquarters is a 44,500 sf building on a 101,200 sf site located in Reynolds, GA. This project was built in two phases to accommodate daily operations of the existing headquarters located on the same site.

“Today, nearly eight months after the official ribbon-cutting of Flint’s Corporate Headquarters, I am still in amazement as to how Parrish Construction Group’s leadership… and coordination… and attention to detail… and access to resources, all came together to almost flawlessly deliver the Headquarters on-time and under budget. Despite underground caverns, frequent rain, and material challenges, you met Flint’s goals in superb fashion.”

Robert Ray, Jr., President/CEO, Flint Energies

Self-Perform Services

We have the capability of self-performing both masonry and concrete and plan to do so on this project. Past projects have proven repeatedly that self-performance of these trades will net significant savings to the owner, allowing that savings to be spent on additional classroom space where it is needed most. Additionally, doing so enhances our control over the project schedule and speed, further securing the successful completion of the project on time.

Diverse Experience

When it comes to planning for the future, the Parrish team brings the knowledge, expertise, and processes to bring your goals to fruition through a variety of delivery methods.

The Parrish Way

At Parrish, we believe that quality is the product of pride in workmanship. Whatever the project, we can assure you that your facility will be completed on time, in budget, and in a high-quality fashion.