Safety doesn't happen by accident. A safe job site and a safe project requires extensive planning, communication and coordination.  Parrish Construction Group dedicates a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the safety or our employees, subcontractors and clients is secure throughout the duration of the project.

To achieve our proven results, Parrish promotes a corporate culture of safety and employs Director of Safety, Kenny Richards to implement and oversee our safety program, policy and procedures on every job site. In addition to Kenny, all superintendents on our job sites are responsible for ensuring safe work environments and activities at all times.

Parrish has developed a comprehensive safety management program where we aggressively and proactively manage all project logistics and demand complete support and adherence from all workers and firms to ensure a safe job site. Customized site logistics and safety plans are developed based on the specifics of each project. 

In addition to the weekly "Tool-Box Talks" and safety audits that are a regular part of our safety responsibilities, Parrish also participates in the Georgia Tech Safety and Health Consultation Program, a reference program for the OSHA standards for construction. Parrish takes safety very seriously and incorporates third-party reviews from our surety firm and Georgia Tech as additional checks and balances to ensure all work is performed as safely as possible.

At Parrish, safety is an absolute.  There is no room for compromise.  

“These types of impressive results that are significantly better than the national average for construction are typically only achieved with an exceptional risk control management plan. Parrish Construction Group clearly demonstrates that safety is a critically important part of their core business approach as results like these happen only when we see a concerned effort on an ongoing basis to manage and control the overall cost-of-risk in a superior manner.”

- Lee DeWoody, SE Region Manager Risk Control, Willis of Georgia