With concentration on communication, safety, cost, quality and schedule, Parrish Construction Group ensures client expectations are met and exceeded with the smoothest possible building process on every project.

Parrish Construction Group’s experience as an educational builder has taught the importance of managing not just the complex activities and challenges on a project, but to anticipate, plan for and avoid surprises from the smaller issues that inevitably arise.   With an on-going and comprehensive vision of each project, clients can be confident in decisions at every stage of the project.

Clear and consistent communication with our clients is of utmost importance; all of our employees are diligent in keeping our clients informed throughout our projects.

Parrish clients benefit from our collaborative approach to construction services. We are flexible and work as a team with all stakeholders to ensure all voices are evaluated and incorporated to maximize the benefit to the project and owner’s goals.

When campuses are filled with students, staff and faculty, there is no room for error. Parrish has a stellar safety record and routinely works on occupied campuses. Our proven safety policies and procedures keep everyone safe and enforce a Zero Tolerance policy for unsafe acts.

We view the role of construction manager as that of a trusted advocate, looking out for the best interests of every one of our clients. By overseeing the daily details of the project, drawing on construction expertise gleaned from years of experience, we are able to integrate all team members in an efficient and highly motivated work environment to ensure safe work environments, quality construction, within budget and on time for every project.