Facility Planning Services

Bill Loudermilk, EdS
Facility Planning Manager

Parrish Construction Group has been providing outstanding construction services to our clients since 1995.  During that time we have come to recognize that one of the keys to success in any construction program is early and well developed facility improvement plans.  Despite the inherent value, we discovered from our customers that this was a need that often wasn’t being filled.

Parrish’s Facility Planning services were developed with our customers in mind.  This service package is designed for facility managers who want comprehensive and accurate facilities information, allowing wise decisions and best utilization of facility resources.

Maximizing funding is of critical importance to school systems whose funding is often very limited.  Our facility planning team is uniquely skilled in assisting clients in aligning their facility planning with state funding requirements in order to maximize their opportunity to receive capital outlay funds and entitlements.

Parrish provides a wide variety of services under the Facility Services program and our proprietary facility inventory tracking software, District FIT .  Our teams are engaged for various components of the program and for comprehensive service programs including District FIT software for facility management.

Facility Planning Services include:

Facilities needs assessment

  • Educational specifications development
  • Local Facilities Plan development

Program development

  • Professional cost estimating
  • Comprehensive project budget development
  • Project prioritization
  • Realistic project schedules
  • Procurement process for architect selection
  • Procurement process for CM/Contractor selection

Budget and finance planning

  • Cash-flow analysis/funding requirements
  • Identification of funding sources/amounts
  • Financial accounting/reporting process


  • Community engagement processes
  • Community information assistance
  • Program/project reporting systems


Parrish FIT

District FIT is a web-based data management and organization system to track and control information about all of the facilities within your organization. From major mechanical systems to roofs and everything in between, the system tracks ages, dates of replacement and specifics for all capital improvements throughout the facilities to ensure accurate, up-to-date information at the click of a button.

The system is a comprehensive reporting system allows the user to view detailed reports in many different ways from watch lists to needs lists. It also functions as a document storage tool. Any drawing or file associated with the facilities and multiple additions, renovations, etc. can be stored on the system along with any images of the facilities.

It is a single, accessible and user friendly tool to aid facility managers in proactively managing all of the various facilities under your responsibility.